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At Fitforever our range of active and casual wear encompasses comfort, durability and style to give you the very best product. 

We believe fashion is about more than just looking great in your clothes; Fitforever fashion is about FEELING AMAZING! 


Fitforever values a healthy lifestyle and fitness choices that make you feel great and why not look great while you are doing it?

Whether you like going to the gym, yoga, dancing or running around the block; we believe there is no workout more beneficial than doing an activity that makes you happy!


The Fitforever community embraces a healthy lifestyle centred around happiness and health. We are a family of like-minded people striving to be the best versions of ourselves. 

Keep up to date with our Blog for great recipes that are healthy but don't compromise on flavour.

Simply delicious recipes

Sprouted Buckwheat Bircher

This recipe is perfect for the busy professional and packed full of essential fats for cell repair, high protein buckwheat, and served with lots of fresh fruit, this is a perfect slow releasing energy breakfast for the health conscious and fitness lovers.

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Zucchini Slice with Bacon

This is my go to healthy meal on the run! Zucchini is well known to reduce fat yet boost the nutritional value of your diet. Did you know that the Zucchini is actually a fruit!?

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Nanas Rhubarb Pudding

Perfect sweet treat for those cold winter nights ahead. Did you know some health benefits of Rhubarb include its ability to promote weight loss, improve digestion, prevent Alzheimer's disease, stimulate bone growth, boost skin health and much more! Wow!  

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